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Cynder Niemela host of Inspired Wisdom Podcast is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and works with clients globally.

Why The Inspired Wisdom Podcast Exists

As I was preparing to leave my role as a leader on the executive team, I started looking around wondering what was next for me. When I made a list of all the things I love to do, creating beautiful things, travel and meeting new people rose to the top.

I became intrigued with the idea of talking to new people and sharing these inspiring conversations with others who may find them of value as they look at their life’s choices.

Charlotte also shared my passion for creating a new life with others. One thing led to another and the Inspired Wisdom Podcast was born.

We hope you enjoy our Podcast and BLOG. Please subscribe to the podcast and more than anything, we are grateful to you!

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Individual Coaching for Success
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Executive Coaching
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E-Learning Courses for Leaders and Teams
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Design A Life You Love.
Design A Life You Love.
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Musings on Inspiration
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