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Unleash your potential for a life of fulfillment and prosperityEight Ways to Unleash Your Potential for a Life of Prosperity and Fulfillment.

You want to build on your potential, be great, make a difference in the world and in the lives of others. You get out into the real world after having done very well all through high school, college and early career. Then you discover you still have a lot to learn.

You make a few mistakes, and you may feel like you are asking “dumb” questions.  Also, you may have ideas that you think are genius, but they didn’t turn out as you thought.


You realize you’re a novice not an expert with all the answers.


People who become great – no matter their field or area of endeavor – are those who are willing to be uncomfortable over and over again on the way to mastery.  When you’re really learning, you are acquiring new skills or understanding and behaving in new ways.

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Cynder Niemela hosts and produces the Inspired Wisdom Podcast

Cynder Niemela hosts and produces the Inspired Wisdom Podcast for entrepreneurs and professionals