Lead Your Team to New Heights

Finding Success Through Cross-Functional Teamwork

A New e-Learning CourseLead Your Pop up team to new heights

Today’s organizations are finding that a functional structure does not facilitate the alignment of strategy and execution.  The talent and capabilities needed to accomplish this (e.g., strategic alignment) are inherently cross-functional.  Consequently, the most common organizational solution is the agile cross-functional team, which we are calling the “pop-up” team.

Whether you’re leading a project team or an entire business, this course aids you in mastering essential leadership skills necessary to take your cross-functional (pop-up) team to new heights.  You will learn to work with your team to create a shared team purpose and vision, enhance levels of trust and communication, conduct focused and productive meetings, and improve team decision-making. 

Course Purpose

The purpose of this course is to equip leaders of teams with the foundational knowledge and useful tools to effectively lead high performing cross-functional teams.  Once you’ve completed the course, you will have the knowledge, skills, and tools to maximize team performance.

Our focus is on helping you and your cross-functional team collaborate to build the necessary practices and processes that will spark creativity and sustainable performance.  Use the course as a resource and field guide to grow your skills as a team leader or coach, and to support others to be extraordinary in their work as team members. 

Mastery is not a choice in today’s performance-driven marketplace!  It is mission critical.