Team Coaching Is a Transformational Journey

Team Coaching is a Transformational Journey

Team Coaching Produces Dramatic and Measurable Results for Business Teams

In a survey of Fortune 500 CEO’s, the number one issue facing these leaders “is the creation of a team-based culture.”


Teams are truly effective when diverse resources and skills combine to produce results far greater than individuals could produce. Yet today, one of the greatest challenges facing global leaders is how to build cross-geo and cross-cultural teams.

In the same way, professional coaching builds successful sports teams, team coaching produces dramatic and measurable results with business teams.

Engaging teams, leaders, and organizations in reaching their full potential since 1996.

Since publishing Leading High Impact Teams, Cynder continues to evolve her evidence-based High Impact Teaming model by applying transformational leadership practices and principles.

Our Approach to Team Coaching

The premise of our holistic approach to building teams is that each person on a team understands and leverages the gifts, skills, and strengths they naturally possess. We collaborate with our clients to leverage the individual and collective strengths of the team. Together, we identify and address missing team practices.

Then we offer the right support at the right time for leaders and professionals charged with transforming teams into high impact teams.

Team QuickCheck™: First Aid for Teams

How does your team rate when compared with high performing teams? Take the Team QuickCheck™ to see how your team measures up against a high performing team.

Send the link to your team members and you will have a partial scorecard of your team’s strengths and opportunities for development.

Recognized by Fortune Magazine as an expert in consulting with leaders and teams through transformation, Cynder Niemela works collaboratively to leverage the potential of an organization’s people, brand, culture, and vision to inspire and align their business and talent strategies for continuous improvement and sustainable results. 

In addition to team coaching, we train leaders, managers, coaches, and HR professionals on our teaming model and toolkit.