Individual Coaching for Success

Cynder Niemela provides coaching for individuals, leaders and teamsToday, people are expected to do more with less.

As a result, there is a cost to the escalating pace of change and the demands placed on individuals. Research and our own experience highlight the cost of stress on individuals, their families, organizations and on communities.

We coach individuals who want to take back their power and lead a purposeful and fulfilled life.


Individuals come to coaching for many reasons. Typically, people want to

  • Identify their purpose before embarking on the “next assignment or promotion”
  • Explore career options that better utilize their talents and align with their values
  • Develop more empowerment and autonomy
  • Feel alive, happy and fulfilled – again
  • Increase their influence, maximize their potential and achieve success
  • Have a sounding board to work through relationship or other sensitive issues
  • Manage their energy so there are reserves for family and personal development
  • Enhance their coaching skills through mentor coaching
  • Participate in group coaching with their peers
  • Implement a coaching program in their business or on their team
  • Build a community of leader coaches in their organization
  • Make a transition into another field
  • Be mentored by someone who has been “there”
  • Develop new leadership skills and stay fresh for clients and future business
  • Evolve a business case for their business or organization


We focus our work on growth and transformation.

We are dedicated to significantly influencing, guiding, and supporting leaders. Therefore, we facilitate transformation from the inside out while also making a difference in the quality of life. We maintain a high professional standard of excellence, integrity, and ethics in coaching our clients to achieve their goals.

For individuals and leaders, our goal is to identify and leverage individual strengths and talents. A partial list of assessments includes DISC, MBTI, Values, Thomas Kilman Conflict Instrument, Communication Style, and a strengths assessment.

For teams, we use our own High Impact Teaming scorecard.

For organizations, we use a number of assessments including a culture assessment that highlights where an organization is in- and out- of alignment with their desired culture. Also, we utilize satisfaction and engagement surveys to assess customer and employee satisfaction.

As a successful executive and team coach, Cynder has coached hundreds of business leaders to a fulfilling and prosperous life. Cynder was featured in Fortune Magazine as a pioneer in coaching executives and business teams.