Cyclist and Author Karsten Drath on Resilience Training

Karsten Drath of Germany circumnavigates the globe on a bike with Cynder Niemela

Resilience Training: How well do you manage life’s challenges?

Life has its ups and downs; that’s a given. However, it’s not life’s challenges alone that inform our character. Rather, it’s how we respond to the inevitable challenges life throws our way.

Karsten Drath is the author of several books including “Resilient Leadership” and “Rules of Success.”

Joining us from Heidelberg Germany, Karsten shares what he has learned about resilience training. He also shares his personal experience of building his capacity to withstand hardships and adversity in order to create environments where people and teams thrive.


For most of us, resilience training is not a given.  Karsten, however, has a very special passion and commitment to learning. This is evident in how he has navigated his career through engineering, business, an E-MBA from the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago, and accreditations in coaching and psychotherapy.


My Interview with Karsten will be of benefit if you:

  • Are experiencing a lot of change and want practical steps and strategies to withstand adversity and thrive
  • Are going through a difficult time and want a plan for something you really want to achieve
  • Feel restless and want to regain your passion for life without making a major change 
  • Have a desire to give back and make a positive social impact  

Highlights from my interview with Karsten:

  • Resilient Leadership and Rules of Success
  • His journey from scientific whaling in Iceland to circumnavigating the world in 10 years
  • His work with ZIS, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships for study trips to young adults between 16 and 20
  • During a low period in his professional life, how Karsten rekindled his passion for the Zis organization and combined it with his love of endurance sports.
  • His goal is to circumnavigate the earth by bike in 10 annual three-week rides to raise funds for the organization

I’ve provided below links to Zis and future itineraries if you would like to meet up with Karsten and/or contribute to his campaign.

Think of it … doing what you love to do and also raising money so the next generation has the opportunity to develop resilience and an innovative mindset. Now, that’s what I call thriving.

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Bio and Links:

Karsten is a leadership coach and expert on resilience with an extensive 16-year career in international consulting and leadership. He is a Managing Partner at Leadership Choices, one of the leading providers of executive development in Europe. He is a certified management coach and psychotherapist. He is accredited with the International Coach Federation, the Center for Creative Leadership, and the World Economic Forum. In addition, Karsten is an adjunct faculty at the Center for Responsible Leadership of the WHU business school in Koblenz, Germany.

Karsten has a very special passion and commitment to learning. He has navigated his career through Engineering, business and an E-MBA from the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago. A prolific writer, Karsten has written several books and articles on the subject of coaching, resilience, and leadership, including

  • Coaching and its Roots (in German)
  • Resilience in Corporate Leadership (in German)
  • Resilient Leadership, and
  • Rules of Success

He is accredited with the International Coach Federation, Fairfax, the Center for Creative Leadership, Brussels and the World Economic Forum, Geneva. In addition, he works as adjunct faculty at the Center for Responsible Leadership of the WHU business school in Koblenz, Germany

Karsten spends his free time with his family and likes endurance sports.

Connect with Karsten:

  • On LinkedIn
  • Leadership Choices Karsten Drath
  • Follow his Around-the-World bike tour on Facebook and on Instagram
  • Karsten has completed two of the 10 legs, one in 2017 and the second in 2018. To-date, he has raised $45,000 in scholarship funds. 
    • Trip 1: Heidelberg, Germany to Verona, Italy – 1,000 km
    • Trip 2: Heidelberg to the Mediterranean in France to Italy and back across the Alps
    • Future Trips:
      • March 15: Lisbon, Portugal to Montpelier, France – 2,500 km Completed April 3, 2019. You can watch his tour on Youtube
      • 2020: San Francisco to Denver, Colorado
      • 2021: Denver, CO to NYC via Chicago

Inspired Wisdom

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