Hollywood Artist and Costume Designer, Kristen Anacker on Mastering Potential

Finding the Confidence to Own Your Talent:

Kristen Anacker, an artist and costume designer for movies and TV in Hollywood, has 49 movie credits to her name. Her many career credits reinforced her confidence in her talent.

Kristen got her start by designing costumes for her husband’s rock band. When he left, she had no way of expressing her passion and livelihood … or so she thought.

Kristen discusses her most challenging times. Leaving the security of her home in Sonoma for the ever-changing world of Hollywood was a noteworthy one. Another was putting herself out there every time one movie ended to make the transition from one movie to the next.


While we dream and find our voice in the world, we also seek a network that supports us in clearing away our limiting beliefs and cheers us on. In the Artist Conference Network (ACN), Kristen found the support she needed to be courageous and step out onto a bigger stage.  She first took the Artist Conference in 1989, and with the support of ACN, she began her career in film. She has been a Conference Coach since 1999, and she now leads the Sonoma, CA Conference.

On today’s show, Kristen discusses the origins of this national organization. An organization that is open to anyone who wants to nurture their creativity and play on the outer limits of possibility to realize the highest potential of their life’s work.

My interview with Kristen will be of benefit if you:

  • Reflect on the highest potential of your life’s work
  • Want to unlock your potential and achieve higher goals
  • Help others develop and leverage their talents 
  • Have a desire to be even more creative

Highlights from my interview with Kristen:

  • Artist Conference Network (ACN) supports individuals in interpreting their lives in creative and positive ways.
  • ACN uses a coaching structure to advance the creative process.
  • To operate in the creative domain you first articulate your vision of being and then formulate your goals.
  • Your creativity involves cultivating your inventive language.
  • There are no boundaries in the creative process – it is the expression of self. 

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Bio and Links:

Costume designer Kristen Anacker with Cynder NiemelaKristen started designing costumes for her husband’s rock band in the ’80s. Then, quite suddenly, he left her. Devastated, Kristen had no way of expressing her passion and livelihood. Or so she thought.

In 1989, Kristen met artist Beverly Cassell. With Beverly’s coaching and the support of an artist network, she left the security of her home in Sonoma for the competitive world of Hollywood and began her career in film. Living in Los Angeles from 1990 – 2015, Kristen designed more than 49 costumes for movies and TV.

Kristen credits Beverly and the ACN with giving her the confidence and courage to step out onto a bigger stage and play on the outer limits of possibility and the highest potential of her life’s work.

Conference Coach and Chief Inspirational Officer: Kristen has been a Conference Coach since 1999, and she now leads the Sonoma Conference. 

“After meeting Beverly, my first three-month goal was to move to Los Angeles – and I was scared! The structure is so simple, yet I remember wondering what we did before we spoke this language. It is truly amazing.”

Connect with Kristen:

A few of Kristen Anacker’s favorite credits:

  • Kristen Anacker, Costume Designer on IMDb lists credits with links to trailers
  • Christopher Munch, Director
    • “Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day” on Youtube
    • Sleepy Time Gal trailer
    • Letters from a Big Man trailer
  • Taste of Poison Halestrom, Kristen Anacker, Costume Designer on ACN website  
  • Social Distortion Machine Gun Blues, Kristen Anacker, Costume Designer on Youtube
  • Orgazmo:

Artist Conference Network (ACN) 

ACN founder, Beverly Cassell, was a painter and teacher. During her career, she saw that many artists lived and learned their art in a context of critique and isolation. She envisioned a new culture for the arts, one that evoked the field of creative possibility in an atmosphere of mutual respect and camaraderie.

The Purpose of the Artist Conference Network is to access mastery in the work, careers, and lives of people doing creative work. We stand for the power of a creative coaching community to catalyze great art and lives!

Inspired Wisdom

Cynder Niemela, MA, MBA is an award-winning author and internationally recognized expert in executive coaching and developing global teams. As a result of growing up in the Middle East and Europe, Cynder leverages her international experience working in the Middle East as one of a few women permitted to work in Saudi Arabia. First, as a marine biologist followed by years of developing leaders and teams for Saudi-ARAMCO.  Mission: Interview 100 people from 100 countries who are working with heart and mind for positive social impact.  

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