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Best Selling Author John King and Cynder NiemelaTeacher, Thought Leader, and Author of Tribal Leadership:

John King is the co-author of The New York Times #1 best-selling book titled Tribal Leadership. This book is noteworthy because it changed the trajectory of thinking about leadership and organizational culture.

The premise is simple in theory: every organization is composed of tribes – naturally occurring groups of 20-150 people. However, few organizations have a repeatable roadmap for leveraging natural groups to build thriving and resilient leaders and organizations.

John’s self-leadership journey:

John has many talents and successes … too many for one episode of Inspired Wisdom. Therefore, I split our interview into two parts:

Highlights from my interview with John:

In Part I, John shares his experiences

  • Dancing professionally for 13 years: John started in ballet and moved to competitive ballroom dancing. He danced professionally on TV, film, and theatre and later taught and trained dance professionals
  • Directing, writing, and publishing TV shows and movies
  • Reinventing his career: John leveraged his experience as a performer to lead programs and train coaches for Landmark Education
  • Writing: During his time with Landmark, John met Dave Logan. Over the next 13 years, John co-wrote two books with Dave, The Coaching Revolution and Tribal Leadership
  • University Professor: John taught at USC for 13 years at USC Marshall School of Business, the School of Public Policy, and the Annenberg School of Communication

Then, In Part II, John will go into more detail about the Tribal Leadership model.


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John King’s bio:

John is internationally recognized as a senior teacher, coach, and program leader. In addition, all major television networks, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Forbes have featured John’s executive clients. You can read John’s full bio here.

Connect with Leadership Coach, John King:

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