Lion Goodman On The Power Of Beliefs

Cynder Niemela interviews Lion Goodman, creator of Clear Your BeliefsDuring the process of becoming you, you took on other people’s beliefs, values, and ways of behaving.

You came to some conclusions about yourself, other people, and the world.

These conclusions have consequences in how we think, act and form relationships. And, no matter who you are or what you want to accomplish, it seems as though something is preventing you from moving forward toward meeting your goals and living a fulling life. 


If you want to live a more fulfilling and extraordinary life AND you experience any of the following, then you don’t want to miss my interview with Lion.
  • Low-self-esteem, negative self-talk
  • Feeling stuck in your work and/or personal life
  • Lack of motivation
  • Difficulties in personal and work relationships
  • Weight and health problems
  • Inability to bounce back quickly from challenges or failure
  • Bad habits you can’t seem to break
  • Comparing and judging oneself and others
  • Uncomfortable feelings, sensations, and emotions
Lion explains how negative and limiting beliefs can result in any of these symptoms and conditions. More importantly, he discusses how to clear out old beliefs that are holding you back.

What are beliefs?

Beliefs are the thoughts we think over and over again. They are passed to us from our parents, family, friends, our teachers, and our culture.

For example, every great culture has identified noble virtues that achieve the good, whether defined as success, happiness, honor, heaven, enlightenment, or the great society. Aristotle defined virtues as qualities that produce happiness – not just hedonistic pleasure, but the true happiness that comes from living a good life within a healthy community.

Lion explains that when you change your beliefs at the core, your reality also changes. “We can feel it immediately, and it’s permanent.”

In this interview, Lion shares his astonishing near-death experience, his approach to clearing old beliefs for new ones and a more fulfilling life, and the role that virtues have in producing happiness and more fulfilling relationships. 

Below you’ll find show notes, Lion’s Bio and links to his free webinar and Clear Your Beliefs coach training program.

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Highlights From the Show

Topic [Minutes: Seconds]

  • Started studying beliefs in his teens when he reflected on the question: What is the biggest leverage for personal change? Change your beliefs and you change your reality. [5:05]
  • How do you change beliefs that aren’t serving you; the beliefs that are causing your unhappiness? [12:00]
  • Beliefs don’t have an expiration date. They can reassert themselves and take over as obsessive thoughts. [16:00]
  • It looks like the world is happening to me. [20:00]
  • Millennials have a different, healthy culture that is open, generous and accepting. The old corporate cultures they walk into are a different tribe. Look for the leverage points – those people who can take in their ideas. If they aren’t there, then you may need to form your own tribe with a different culture. [21:33]
  • Create a new healthier culture that is open, transparent and positively oriented. [25:00]
  • Values vs. Virtues. Values are the way we prioritize importance. While virtues are the qualities of the soul. Aristotle said “virtues are the quality that allows a thing to fulfill its purpose. [26:00]
  • Espoused values vs. core values – where you put your time and energy. If you go to a job you don’t like, then money is your top value. [29:45]
  • Each person comes with their own soul – the depth or core of a person, and their own virtues. [30:40]
  • Potential skills and limitations. We have infinite, unlimited potential. We build our skills in study and practice to master it. Our beliefs create limitations. [33:10]
  • Lion’s near death experience. It became an award-winning movie. [40:00]
  • What’s the most important advice? Get to know all aspects of yourself. Be interested and curious about how you work. [42:00]

Lion’s Bio

Lion Goodman, PCC, and CEO of Luminary Leadership Institute is an author, coach, and teacher. He created the Clear Beliefs Method, a process for eliminating beliefs at the core of the psyche, which he teaches to coaches, therapists, and healers around the world.

His early career was in executive search and executive coaching, where he helped more than 250 CEOs and executives find the talent they needed. He then worked with healthcare and technology companies, from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

He has taught workshops across three continents, and is the author of 4 books, including Clear Your Beliefs and Creating On Purpose, as well as dozens of articles on consciousness, beliefs, psychology, relationships, and inner development. 


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